There are alternatives besides dumping that ragged jumper, old but still beautiful dress or not so fashionable handbags. Fast fashion is creating a completely unsustainable way of living. During my year at Chelsea University of the Arts in London and though TED, I have learned and discover how important it is to save energy, re-cycle, re-use, up-cycle, make and mend. I have realized that the ‘ Primark culture’ (quick fashion + dead cheap prices) has made people buying and throwing away clothes more quickly than ever. The world is burning up all the energies because of our greed.. Some people seem to be unaware of the dangers that we face. Education is the first step in order to save the world and its inhabitants.  Recycling is important, someone’s trash could be someone else treasure! Some people have a great sense of style and they can easily combine items and make a’ fresh new look” out of old thing. Some old clothes and accessories have fantastic good quality fabric, style and design, it would be such a shame to throw them out! So.. I have decide to create a little website and sell my stuff online. It will take a while to upload all the stuff that clutters the wardrobe in my very tiny cottagebut I will succeed sooner or later. The prices will be incredibly low and people will feel free to make offers without the fees of other websites.



Salvaging Splendours is my little contribution for a better world.


To be continued..




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